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              Questions 29 to 32 are based on the following passage:

              Tests conducted at the University of Pennsylvania's Psycho1ical Laboratory showed that anger is one of the most difficult Emotions to find out from facial expressions. Professor Dallas E. Buzby confronted 716 students with pictures of extreme1y angry persons, and asked them to identify the emotion from the facial expression。 Only two percent made correct judgments. Anger was most frequently judged as“pleased”.

              And a typical reaction of a student confronted with the picture of aman who was mad was to classify his expression as either ‘bewildered’,‘quizzical’,or simply‘amazed’.Other studies showed that it is extremely difficult to tell whether a man is angry or not just by looking at his face. The investigators found further that women are better at finding out anger from facia1 expressions than men are. Paradoxically,they found that psychological training does not improve one’s ability tojudge a man’s emotions by his expressions but actually hinders it. For in the university tests, the more courses the student had taken in psychology, the poorer judgment score he turned in.

              29.The information in this passage centers around___________.

              A. the re1ation between anger and other emotions

              B. the differences between men and women with respect to emotion

              C. the influence of psychology on human emotions

              D. the discovery of anger from facial expressions

              30.when tested, students with psychological training_________.

              A. marked less than two percent of their possible choices correctly

              B. did better than the average student in the group

              C. seemed less able to judge correctly than the average student

              D. performed in a manner not specified in the passage

              31.To achieve the greatest success in finding out anger from facial expressions,it would be best to__________.

              A. use adults rather than students as judges

              B. ask women who do not study psychology to judge it

              C. ask men rather than women to judge it

              D. be satisfied with a two percent success,if such a percentage is guaranteed

              32.The last two sentences in the second paragraph show that__________.

              A. such training has not resulted in better scores

              B. we have really achieved the anticipated results

              C. the judgment is similar to what we have expected

              D.we can expect such training to have the effect stated







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